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02 Apr 2019

A Work in Progress

Have a look at how Chris Jenkinson works on such a detailed painting.

As you can see from this series of thirteen photographs Chris works from his own photographs and piece by piece, almost like a jigsaw, works on small sections of the painting bit by bit.
This is what he has to say about his work
“Travel feeds the soul.

The freedoms and repetitions present in the colours, lines and arrangements of the cities I visit, create the visual rhythms which inspire me to respond to the photographs I take.

like postcards, these paintings offer a glimpse of a place’s personality. Through these windows of time spent at a location I do not pursue a plastic, kitsch vision for advertisement, but rather I choose to take away images from the location which are harmonious with the surroundings and are a true representation of the moment I experienced.

I often consider whilst working on these images, who the characters captured in the photo are. I wonder where they were going to or coming from, or if the building I am painting at the moment will remain the next time I visit. When painting, I scrutinise every part of the image. Often when painting tiny detail, I find great abstraction. The component parts of these images are often made up of form, line and colour which alone appear non-representational. It is only after putting together all of these parts, some which are seemingly joyously free from the boundaries of logic, and others which are tightly constrained in the constructs of architectural rhythms, that the recognisable visual character of each city is revealed.”