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13 Feb 2017

The Wonder of Printmaking

The variety of styles and techniques in printmaking is clearly on view in our current exhibition.

Here at Frames Gallery we love printmaking. Each year we always have a show of printmaking and one of the reasons is that amazing diversity of aesthetics and techniques.
From Screenprinting

To etching
potato-runner-by susan wilson
To monoprintanne-russell-hoy-cliffs-monoprint-76x56cm-480-framed

To digital printing

Rocks by sheila borthwick

To woodcut

Coral Matrix by Paul Walker

And this is only scratching the surface of the deep world of print.

Scotland has four main print studios, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and our show which is from Dundee.
Some of the artist on show are painters who are wanting to explore new ways of expressing themselves and some have been printmakers their whole artistic life.
It takes a lot of dedication as it is a very painstaking way of producing an image.
Here’s a short video of some of the techniques

Our exhibition features 30 artists and over 120 prints so well worth a visit.
You can see it here