Hazel Bowman

Hazel Bowman a Scottish Artist who exhibits and Frames Gallery Hazel Bowman, a Scottish self-taught talent, started her career as a nurse, during which she studied the human form continually sketching whilst learning. after a period of nursing it became apparent that Hazel’s passion was for art and developed her skill for figurative work and who specialises in charcoal, pastels and mixed media images of dancers and the physical form. Her aim is to capture the energy and atmosphere of a particular moment in an impressionistic style. “I always collaborate with professional dancers ranging from Latvian burlesque dancers to Russian and Argentinian ballet dancers, and the Scottish Ballet. I have also been fortunate to have drawn the rehearsals of the Rambert dance company at their studios in London.” Hazel exhibits regularly her work as far afield as France, Spain, Holland, Austria, Canada, and Dubai.