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Lucy Campbell New Work 2020

1st August - 29th August 2020

This exhibition by Lucy Campbell was originally to be on in May this year but as Covid-19 happened everything had to be cancelled. So, we are delighted that we now have had the chance to, once again reopen, and put on this exhibition.

A solo exhibition by Lucy Campbell is always an exciting event and this year will be no exception.
Lucy is one of Frames Gallery’s regular exhibitors with sell-out shows and her work in high demand.
She has always been fascinated with the relationships between humans and animals and recently has been feeling a sense of fragility in this special relationship. In this exhibition some of the work will be trying to highlight the importance of us as part of a global community and the need to care for our world and each other. Given Lucy’s imagination coupled with her obvious painting skill we are sure that this will be a great exhibition.

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