jessica oliver semblance 2019

I grew up in the North East of England, where I completed my Foundation Course and BA Hons in History of Art. Following a career in the Fine Arts, I relocated to Edinburgh in 1995. In 2012, having taken time out to raise a family, I began to revisit and develop my artistic practice at Leith School of Art, first as a part-time student, before completing their Landscape Painting Course.

As a landscape artist, my work is rooted in the investigation of an environment, with a focus on my reminiscence of place and space. Initially, I immerse myself in its character through sketchbook observations, developing these influences into a series of studio-based discoveries. Released from direct representation I am free to explore my remembered experience, aiming to capture my understanding of a locale through considered use of light, colour and tone. Drawn marks often add dimension to the surface as I strive to explore the abstract values, each exploration informing the next.