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17th March - 7th April 2018

you are the sky, everything else is just weather

We, at Frames, are delighted to welcome Lucy Campbell back for a solo show after a gap of three years. This exhibition marks a stylistic change for Lucy and we are very excited about this new work. We hope that you enjoy looking at these paintings

One of the most striking elements of Lucy Campbell’s painting is her ability to
encapsulate such a depth of emotion and strength of character in the figures she paints. Such is that power, that the narrative quality of Campbell’s work almost overshadows her patent ability as a draughtsman. And so, in this new collection of work it is exciting and invigorating to see a step away from a more illustrative approach to her subject matter and the embracing of a looser handling of paint, together with a more figurative style.

As Campbell has delved into her childhood to re-examine and seek inspiration, she has turned to her children and other family members as a focus for her drawing. The figures are perhaps less otherworldly than in her previous work, and thereby more familiar to us, and so allowing the viewer a gentler, more intimate connection to the painting. As ever, the creatures of the natural world provide a benevolent companionship to these figures, and a link to the ethereal; the land of the mind’s imagination which Campbell transposes to canvas with such immaculate beauty and ability.

It goes without saying that the work in this exhibition is best seen in the real, and it is worth noting that some of the work is painted on a tremendous scale. If you are able to come to the gallery, we look forward to meeting you there and sharing the visual and emotional impact of this exhibition.