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Society Of Wood Engravers Centenary Exhibition

1st - 25th July

Frames Gallery will be re-opening with the Centenary Exhibition of The Society of Wood Engravers.
This exhibition has been planned for a long time and we are truly delighted that we have been allowed to open for it.
The gallery is spacious so social distancing is easily achieved, and we will be monitoring numbers to ensure safety at all times.
However, if you can’t make it to the gallery then all of the work is available to browse and buy on our website. Also there is a full catalogue available to buy for £8.

All of the work is available to buy off our website and you can pay by card or PayPal. Please note that all of work is unframed. Once a sale is made we will contact the artist who will send you the print to you. You may want the print to be sent to our gallery where we also have a framing workshop. in that case there is space on the checkout page to leave a note to that effect and we will contact you when it arrives.

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