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The Golden Thread: A Solo Exhibition by Lucy Campbell

20th April - 11th May

We at Frames Gallery are so delighted to be presenting a new collection of work by Lucy Campbell. Watching Lucy’s artistic career develop over the years, has been a wonderful experience for us at Frames Gallery and seeing her mature as a painter is particularly satisfying. Her work has always had a
direct relationship with her life and this exhibition is no exception.
Here is what she has to say about the work she is showing.

The creation of this body of work spans a year and a half of  immense shifts and transformation, and was informed by experiences of perimenopause, a first child leaving home, heartbreak, grief, healing, and the
enchantment of life blossoming into something magical, sacred and safe. In a very literal sense it also charts the journey of a distressed and fragmented individual finding her way back to her inner child. The title refers to a
self-inquiry practice known as “The Golden Thread”, where you follow a metaphorical golden thread back through your core  beliefs, memories and wounds so as to nurture and heal your inner child, and resolve the issues that are holding you back.”

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As you can imagine we are expecting high demand for Lucy’s work. Consequently we are going to prioritise people who manage to come to the opening on 20th April between 12pm and 2pm. For those who cannot make the opening, the work will be available to buy online at 3pm GMT.

However, if you see something that you would like to buy, then we can reserve the work for you but that piece may still be bought by a person who turns up to the opening. If after the opening that work has not been sold, it can then be regarded as yours and sold to you.

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