CP Campbell

CP Campbell a Scottish Artists exhibits at Frames Gallery Catriona P.Campbell was born in Fiji in 1969. She was brought up in Scotland but lived in New Zealand from 1997-2009, before returning to Edinburgh.

Catriona feels a strong connection with the sea as she has lived in port towns in New Zealand and Scotland. She is attracted to the aesthetics of metal hulls, rusting nails, anchors, lighthouses and weathered boards.

The process of layering, scraping and shaping the paint allows her to play with both surface and depth and to explore the tension between formal structure and the element of chance. Although the overall aesthetic is her strongest guide, symbolism and metaphor also play a part. Recent paintings incorporating sailors tattoos work with ideas of safety, survival and a sense of place. Her most recent paintings have ingeniously incorporated the title within the body of the painting in the form of braille.