Katy Ellis

Growing up in a leafy part of London to creative parents,mother a painter and illustrator,father a landscape architect,both with a love for the landcape and nature,Katy was exposed to a rich combination of galleries,the arts and long explorations of the Norfolk coast,Cornwall and Wales.

This instilled in her a love and a curiosity of the landscapes around her and our relationship to it.

On graduating from the Glasgow School of Art she took up the John Kinross scholarship to paint and study in Italy where she spent 4 months,exploring hilltop villages filling sketchbooks and reams of paper.

Katy loved observing people going about their routines and their connection to the land.

This led her to explore further so she headed to India where she spent a year exploring on foot through the mountains and riverways finding herself also in Nepal,Sikkim,Thailand and Laos.

Katy’s work is a combination of remembered moments, images taken from Sketchbooks and Photographs recorded while travelling.

She will often return to a subject but presently after a visit to the winter lights at Anglesea Abbey Gardens,I have been immersed in painting trees.